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Gorgeous bespoke garments from this unique boutique/design studio. Youll find a fabulous collection of one-off jackets & dresses in a spectacular range of colours. Lynn with an M.A. in design & over 25yrs.experience passionately creates every piece. Each is a work of art labelled TIALIN original. See the wonderful textures & colours coming together as Lynn works on the designs in the shop. Also luxurious silk & felt shawls by Dutch Gaia & stunning, quality, statement piece silver jewellery. The Designs

All of designs by tialin are made by Lynn Woudberg. They feature exciting combinations of patchwork, applique, hand-dying and hand painting techniques to create jackets that are wearable works of art. The Designers Lynn Woudberg M.A. studied for her masters degree in textiles and fashion at Manchester. U.K. and have has lived in the Algarve, for over 18 years, selling her designs from her outlet in Alvor KRAFTWERK Craft Studio.

Lynn has over 25 years of experience making one-off style garments. She travels every year to exotic locations including Thailand, India, Africa and Australia collecting unusual fabrics and design influences. India especially has had a big impact on her designs, having worked and studied in remote areas that produce exquisite embroideries.

The Jackets

The patchwork design is a celebration of Lynns passion for colour. Using a simple classic shape, each jacket is individually created with up to 20 different fabrics collected from her travels. Pieces of antique sari, Italian furnishing fabric and Thai silks. The colour harmony and richness of textures ranges from the delightfully subtle to the more exciting vibrant combinations. As in colour therapy, the right choice for you, creates that feel good factor and can do wonders for your self esteem.

Story Jacket
The creation of a story jacket is unique process that is almost like a meditation. Lynn does not work to a fixed plan. She starts with one small detail that inspires her and then builds the jacket from there. She invents textures using fabric and thread. Images, symbols or poems are often included. It is rather like telling a story that she has told before, but always inventing and elaborating with new inspirations as they come. Some jackets take up to 3 days to complete. When she gets lost in the process of transforming cloth into garment, Lynn produces a garment with soul! Practical and WearableArt

For all their artiness, there is a strong emphasis on the comfort, wear-ability and practicality of the designs, so that they are durable as well as timeless. They can be stunning for a special occasion or worn casually with jeans. However you choose to wear a TIALIN jacket, their appeal reaches all ages and sizes. Each piece is individual and has its own unique character. Lynn thoroughly enjoys making each special jacket and hopes that the wearer will feel special in one of her creations.

Prices and Sizes Jackets range from 165 euros for an original patchwork design to 350 euros for a more intricately embroidered story jacket. Sizes range from UK.sizes 8 to 18.

Lynn also creates Vests and scarves.

Closed part of the winter. This is one store of our 'select collection' of shops, that you really want to see. Set your husband down in the bar across the street, and have the time to browse to your hearts content.

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